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The beaches of Dion and Platamonas

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As soon as we enter Pieria, we have our first chance  to enjoy its glorious beaches and sample the delicious fish and sea food caught offshore.

We have only to turn at the crossroad for Nea Agathoupolis and take the road for the coast, which lies just a short distance away. Nea Agathoupolis, Methoni, Makriyialos... one seaside halmet after another, in one of Greece's most beautiful vacation spots, all boasting fish tavernas - a tempting prospect for lovers of good food. And before or after your meal, why not visit the ruins of ancient Pyndnas not far from Makriyialos.

Back on the national road, we continue southward, passing Katerini, capital of Pierria prefecture, and in a few kilometres, we near an area of major importance. Here we not only have endless sandy beaches, but the majestic peaks of the country's highest mountain Olympos, and the fascinating ruins of ancient Dion, whose on - going excavations continue to bring forth invaluable finds.

The beaches at Bariko, Gritsa and Plaka Litohorou are beiing developed for tourism and possess all the  facilities for a happy holiday. But resisting their allure for the time being, we push on to the point where we turn inland for Dion, one of the most prominent cities of Macedonia during the Hellenistic and Roman eras. Among the ruins are the 4th century baths and theatre, the Hellenistic walls, the Roman Odeon, houses and other buildings. The museum on the site contains the choice finds from all these periods up to the early Christian.

After visiting Dion, it's worth heading inland off the national road once again. This time our destination is Litohoro, also just a little out of our way. On the slopes of Olympos, mountain of myth, history and unmatched natural beauty, Litohoro is the starting point for alpinists who want to explore the mountain, but also for nature lovers out for a simple hike.

Continuing on our journey south, we haven't far to go before returning to the familiar shores of Pieria, still washed by the waters of the Thermaic Gulf. the first village - beach we encounter is Leptokarya, followed by Skotina and then Neos Panteleimonas and Platamonas, with its Frankish castle and Platamonas, just a bit beyond, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and surmounted by a castle of its own. The ruins of ancient Herakleia lie between these two last settlements.

Platamonas is at the hub of an extensive resort area, whose attractions justifiably draw hordes of holidaymakers each year.


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